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Boho Whale Tail Woven Blanket, Wall Tapestry

Boho Whale Tail Woven Blanket, Wall Tapestry

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Introducing our stunning woven blanket, featuring a boho-inspired design and a majestic image of a whale's tail. Perfect for cozy nights in or adding a touch of style to any room, this blanket is sure to become a cherished addition to your home.

Crafted with care from high-quality materials, this blanket is soft, warm, and durable, making it ideal for snuggling up with on chilly evenings. The intricate woven pattern features a bohemian-inspired design that is both eye-catching and unique, adding a touch of artistry to your decor.

But the real star of this blanket is the breathtaking image of a whale's tail, which captures the beauty and majesty of these magnificent creatures. Whether you're a lover of marine life or simply appreciate stunning artwork, this blanket is sure to delight.

So why settle for a plain, boring blanket when you can add a touch of boho-chic style to your home with our stunning woven blanket? Order yours today and experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and artistry.


Woven blankets are not printed. They are carefully woven with 100% pure cotton to create the images you see. These blankets are a luxurious addition to your home and have multiple uses. They can be used as a throw blanket on your sofa or favorite chair. They can be placed on a bed (see pictures for size references). They can also be used as art and hung on your wall as a tapestry. The edges have a lovely fringe accent to give the blanket a vintage feel.

They are soft and warm and durable. They make excellent gifts too!

Please note that the colors of a woven blanket are more muted than you will find in a printed blanket. We do our best to show images that closely match the colors you will get. However, monitors and phone screens are all different in terms of how they translate colors and we can't guarantee an exact match. Just know that it will be as close as possible. 

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